Service Offerings

Vulnerability Management

DDS can provide vulnerability assessment services to identify weaknesses in your network that would allow an attacker to compromise your network environment and gain access to your sensitive data.

DDS can also work with your IT and Security teams to develop a Vulnerability Management program that encompasses an ongoing vulnerability lifecycle to include the following phases: Discover, Assess, Report, Remediate and Validate to ensure that your organization’s assets and data are known and maintained on an ongoing basis and that all risks are either mitigated or accepted and documented accordingly.

Security Program Management

Whether you’re a small to midsize business (SMB) or a large organization, you’re concerned about your sensitive data. DDS can assist in building out a security program by working with your organization to perform a gap analysis of your current security program or controls and customize a roadmap for short and longer term security initiatives for you to consider in order to mature your security program.

CISO and CIO Support

Small and Medium businesses (SMB) may not require a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO), but may still require some information security guidance and oversight. DDS can provide this guidance and support to manage your IT environment and ensure your assets and data are securely protected. DDS along with our IT Service provider partners can completely manage your IT environment and help desk operations or provide independent oversight of your current IT hosting provider.

Third Party Risk Assessments

Attackers are always looking to for the weakest link and assessing your business partners is a key part of any good security program. DDS can assist with security assessment services to ensure that your business partners maintain the level of security that you require.

Security Project Coordination

Whether your needs include implementing new security tools, requiring assistance with security compliance reviews or other short-term projects, DDS can help guide the process along by recommending security tools to help protect your organization and providing project management and security expertise to develop and track to a formal project plan. By acting as the liaison between your internal IT and security team, DDS will allow your current IT and Security teams to continue to perform their day to day responsibilities.

System Hardening Guides

New technologies and devices are getting added to your network environment on an ongoing basis. DDS can help to identify the different types of systems, devices and cloud resources that your organization uses and develop standards for securing the devices and data on these devices and third party sites.

Security Staff Augmentation

DDS can help to augment your security staff as you build and grow your internal security team. A mix of internal security staff and staff augmentation can help maintain institutional knowledge in a field of high employee turnover and limited qualified resources.

Cybersecurity Recruitment Services

The gap in Cybersecurity talent is a challenge for all organizations. DDS can leverage our over 15+ years of experience and connections in the Cybersecurity field to help you find the right candidates for your organization. As security professionals, we know the difference between the various skill sets in the security field and can conduct the initial vetting of candidates to ensure that the candidates we send along are a good fit for your organization and corporate culture.